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Instant Forex Profit Robot
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Instant Forex Profit Robot Affiliate Program
Launch Date: May 31 to June 10, 2012, Eastern Standard Time


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Who is Kishore M?

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Over one hundred thousand and counting

Kishore M (B.COM, MBA, CEP (IIT), ADSM) has over a decade of experience in the Stock, Forex, Commodities & Derivatives Market. He received his Master in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University USA earlier known as New Hampshire College, his Advance Diploma in Computer Systems Management from NIIT and a certificate in Computer Network & Internet Applications from IIT kharagpur.

He is a certified Investment Representative, ETS Derivatives Qualified Trader. He is trained by Chicago Board of Exchange and Pacific Stock Exchange Members in Derivatives Instruments on Options & Futures Trading, and formally educated in Derivatives instruments from the University of California Berkeley (Ext), USA .

He started his career with a Securities Broking Firm on the OTCEI exchange as a Private fund & Equity Manager, managing portfolio for high net worth individuals and subsequently headed several startups in Asia and in US ( Silicon Valley ). He has conducted Stock & Derivatives seminars for International Brokers such as REFCO based in Singapore and Regional brokers such as CIMB based in Malaysia.

He is the author of best selling book - "Retire Rich Trading" and his articles have appeared several times in Singapore Stock Exchange Magazine and he has been featured several times in Indonesia (JawaPos) & Middle east Newspaper (Khaleej Times) and has also been featured in Bloomberg TV, BBC, Malaysia Business TV Channel & Singapore Channel News Asia , News Radio 93.8 FM, Asian Banker Journal, and on Global Hedge Fund websites such as Hedge fund Center, HedgeWeek, HedgeFund Research and Hedge Funds World.

His Entrepreneurial skills has won him the TII status (Technopreneur Investment Incentive Status) from EDB Singapore Government. He is an active member of TiE world's leading Venture Capital Association, a member of SIPA (Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association) and one of the most sought after speaker for entrepreneurship, capital markets, derivatives and Alternative Investment.

He provides Derivatives workshop to senior corporate management teams, Broking Houses and Derivative Exchanges Members and conducts Stock Market Seminars to public audiences across Asia & Middle East. He has trained over 50,000 participants in 10 countries (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle East, Philippines , London etc) in the area of alternative investments, some of his participants include professionals from ABN AMRO Bank, RHB Securities, AMEX, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Citibank, Doha Bank, CIMB Securities, Manfinancial, REFCO, DBSVICKERS, CSFB, UOB Bank.

He was a CNBC-TV18 markets Anchor for a brief period. He also publishes an investment newsletter - Traders Alert, every week and trades his own account under his proprietary trading company - Futures Capital Holdings which has a performance of 99.05% return (2003-2004) and 233.13% return (2003-2005) attested & certified by Auditors.


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"I made $150,000.00 from $750 trading capital using Instant Pip strategy & Pip Maximiser strategy of Kishore M."
– Micheal Bock
"... One month of 22 trading days I made profit of $50,000 on a capital of $5,000 i.e 1000% return..."
– Bellum Tan
" ... With $10,000 SGD, we can potentially make $1000 every day in about 3 hours ... "
– Paul Vimanta
"... I was able to start making $100 per day. Then as my skill improved I started to increase this to $1000 a day ..."
– Adi Soon
"... I earned more than $7000 in a single day trade which is about 119% (in the first month) ... forex is easy ... "
– Aye Aye
"... With 1 forex alerts, within a day I make SGD$ 2100 ... "
– Kelvin
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